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Dark Sides Part 6: A reason to Kill
*Authors note* Hey guys! Due to popular request here is Part 6. Also thank you sooooo much for all the support and comments! I'm so happy you guys love this! On with the story!
*Anti's POV*
I knocked on Dark's door
"Dark? Dude you ok?" I asked
His door opened and he stuck his head out. He looked terrible. It had been two days since the fight. Dark looked like he hadn't slept since then. The circles under his eyes were darker than usual. His hair was a mess and he was shaking as if he had way too much coffee
"Dude!" I said shocked
"Anti get in here" Dark pulled me in by my sweatshirt's drawstring
"Dark what's up?" I said fixing my hood. I looked at his desk and my jaw dropped
"Welcome to the plan" Dark said putting his hand on my shoulder. I looked at the papers covering it. They were full of possibilities of killing Jack
"Dark...this is not healthy" I told him looking at some of the gruesome ideas he had
"Anti, you don't get it. You're new to this whole fandom thing. You let Jack off e
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 27 20
Dark Sides Part 5: All's wrong in love and War
(I hope you guys remember where this left off)
I smiled at Jack and took his hand in mine "Jack Anti was not joking, I love you"
Jack smiled and leaned in to kiss me
"Well isn't this just sweet" A cold voice said from the doorway. Dark stood there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face
"Don't you fucking dare hurt Y/N" Jack stood in front of me protectively
"Oh I never planned on hurting Y/N" Dark's eyes flicked over to me for a second before returning to Jack. In a flash, Dark tackled Jack to the ground
"It's her little boyfriend I've come to hurt" Dark laughed "Well, maybe not hurt. More like kill"
"DARK YOU BASTARD GET OFF OF HIM!" I jumped on Dark trying to pull him away from Jack
"Get off" Dark shrugged me off his shoulders "Don't give me a reason to hurt you too"
He turned back to Jack and grinned. Dark reached in his back pocket and pulled out a kitchen knife and pressed it to Jack's neck
"Y/N is mine. I'm not letting an Irish fool like you take her. She'll be mine, and m
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 29 15
Dark Sides Part 4: Two Faces, one person
Dark smirked and stared at me. His black eyes seemed to look right at my soul
"What do you want?" I asked
"Oh, nothing much. It's nice to finally meet you in person, Y/N" he smiled
"I wish I could say the same to you" I said
"You're real?" Jack asked him
Dark tilted his head to the side and grinned at Jack "I am as real as AntiSepticEye Jack"
"Jack we gotta run" I said as Dark started walking towards us. I grabbed his hand and dragged him upstairs to Mark's room
"C'mon there's gotta be somewhere to hide!" I searched the room. Under the bed? Too easy. Closet? Maybe
"Jack have you-? Jack?" I asked him. Jack was staring at a wall, completely stopped. He began to laugh
"Really Y/N? You're easier to fool than I thought. Are you blind?" he said. He turned to me. His eyes glowed green in the dark lighting and what little light there was glinted off his razor sharp teeth. I stepped back against the wall
"Newsflash! Jackaboy never came back!" Anti laughed following me "Thanks for staying online
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 28 7
Dark Sides Part 3: Mark, meet Anti. Jack meet Dark
My phone rings again with Mark's number. I'm terrified of that sound. Dark or Anti will probably call and threaten me more, or don't think about the 'worse'
"Hello?" I answered shakily
"Y/N it's Mark. Are you alright? They didn't hurt you did they!? I swear-" Mark said
"Mark it's ok, it's ok. I'm not hurt. What the hell was that!?" I asked
He sighed "Dark is real Y/N. I probably should've told you and Jack this a long time ago, but he is real. Normally, I've got him under control but lately-"
"Jack's got that too. Some other side, and it's not nice" I explained
"What? Do you mean like Dark?" He said
"Yeah. Like...AntiSepticEye or something like that" I said
"This is bad. They're friends now?" He asked
"Yeah. Mark I'm scared something's gonna happen to you or Jack!" I told him worried
"Don't worry. Dark can't do anything to me without hurting himself" Mark said
"I hope the same rules apply to AntiSepticEye" I said
"I think it's a good house" I said admiring our min
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 30 37
Dark Sides Part 2: A Dark Side is never Good
"You guys friends?" I asked a little angry and very worried about Mark and Jack
Dark laughed "You could say that"
"Where's Mark? Or is this like what AntiSepticEye said, that you're part of Mark like he's part of Jack" I asked
"Good you were listening" Dark said "Anti's over here and apparently he wants to say something"
There was silence before "Hey Y/N"
"Anti what do you want?" I groaned. Why didn't Mark or Jack warn me about this?
"Don't sound too excited, baby. I-"
"DONT CALL ME THAT!" I scolded
"Jeezus! I thought Jack yelled loud. Holy crap!" Dark said in the background
"As I was saying,  Jack and Mark don't know about our existence, at least not to our knowledge" Anti said in a bored tone
I glared at my phone "Jack knows. He warned me you were coming for me"
There was a long silence
"Hey! Earth to Anti! What are you gonna do now!?" I taunted
"Nothing. If they know about us, and since we can take over at anytime, it'll drive you insane not knowing if it's your friends or not"
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 27 3
Dark Sides Part 1: Stay Online
Hey guys this is a fanfic I've thought about posting. It includes Darkiplier & AntiSepticEye vs. Markiplier, JackSepticEye, & the reader aka you! I'm hoping this'll go over as well as my Darkiplier Fanfiction I'm still continuing. Here it is!
Jack where are you?" I taunted. Mark, Jack and I were playing prop hunt together late at night
"I'm nowhere. I'm invisible" Jack said
I walked in the next room and noticed something odd
"Hey Mark? You got a grenade left?" I asked
"Did you find him?" Mark asked
"As far as I know dressers do not have other dressers stuck inside of them" I laughed
"Fuck!" Jack yelled trying to break free
"Haaaabooshki!" Mark yelled bursting into the room and exploding everything
'Hunters Win' flashed across the top of the screen
"Well I think that's enough for me tonight" Mark said disconnecting from the game
"Ok Mark. You wanna play TTT tomorrow?" I asked
"Sure. Goodbye guys" he said exiting the call
"You wanna play one versus one?" Jack asked
"Bring i
:iconkarathegamer:KaraTheGamer 55 9
Darkiplier x Antiseptic Fanfic ~ Transformation
Mark honestly didn't know why he had bothered to get up that morning. His motivation lately had been completely lacking. He was tired all the time, had no creative ideas for videos… nothing. It had been about three days of this - he groaned as he lie in bed. People online were starting to worry, and he knew it. He was having to dig deep into old videos, videos before the time of his pink hair, so it was glaringly obvious that he wasn't around.
He went to roll from the duvet, but he seemed to be dead weight, floating. He never wanted to leave this place - maybe he would only close his eyes for one more moment.
His responsibilities were creeping up his spine as he succumbed to sleep once more. At least, he thought it was his responsibilities. He also thought that the voice persuading him to sleep was his own - he was incorrect on both assumptions.
The usually light feeling that comes over you when you drift into a dream state was comforting - except, that feeling never came. Instea
:iconstargazer1300:Stargazer1300 222 34
[ The 2nd Antisepticeye and Darkiplier Teaser ]
The door slammed with a deafening crack. Dark was sure that the wood had splintered - that was a shame. This was a nice place, and he hated to wreck it too much.
Footsteps pounded through the hallway. Dark looked up lazily from his phone, licking his lips.
“Where did you go?”
The moonlight caught Anti mid-step as he boiled into the room. Dark could practically feel the anger pulsating off of him in hot waves. Anti gave him a bitter look.
“It doesn’t concern you.”
“Everything concerns me, if it involves you.” Dark stood, assessing the situation as he allowed his body to stretch out a kink in his neck. Anti was coiled as tightly as a spring. Dark’s steady gaze held firm against Anti’s jittery, faltering one.
“Humans - how could I have been a human? Disgusting, raw creatures…”
“Where did you go, Anti?” Dark’s voice was deep and flat, not wavering with any syllable. His stance almost seemed d
:iconstargazer1300:Stargazer1300 43 6
Antisepticeye and Darkiplier Teaser
The man standing before Jack looked like Mark. He had his voice, his hair, his stature. But everything was just barely different - tilted, just to one side. And his eyes - his eyes were not Mark’s. No, this was not Mark.
The man laughed, low and hollow.
“It’s very ironic, isn’t it?” he asked. Jack swallowed, staring him down.
“What is?”
“Mark. So strong, he said. Always so strong. It was his branding.” he gave another chuckle. “But ultimately, he was oh, so very weak.”
Now he was starting to walk around Jack, circling him like a shark would its prey. “You, on the other hand - you’re much smaller. You look like he could simply swallow you whole. But that’s not true, is it? No.” he tapped Jack on the head. “You’re so much stronger up here. Maybe the fight you put up will be worth something. I’ll enjoy watching.”
“What do you mean?”
But Jack didn’t hear his a
:iconstargazer1300:Stargazer1300 103 25
How Jack became Antisepticeye
Stop, stop, stop! This can't be happening...
Why not?
Head in his hands, Mark leaned against the wall on his knees. He couldn't stop the thoughts, the shouts, the screams coming from his head. The pressure was so high he held his breath before panting frantically. He was finally losing it, wasn't he? This was it, the end for poor Markimoo. What had he done to deserve this? Then the pains began.
Stop resisting Mark. It'll be less painful if you do.
Mark's whole body ached, the strength in his knees failing as he fell face first to the floor. It hurt to move. Mark couldn't do a thing, the pain too large to resist anymore. He went limp, wondering if he really was going to die.
You're not going to die Mark. I have something much worse in store for you...
Mark didn't even have the energy to comprehend what that could mean. In a second, he was out.
A few days later, Jack was beginning to get curious. Mark hadn't up
:iconwriteasoph:writeasoph 142 20
AntiSepticEye Ready by SimplEagle AntiSepticEye Ready :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 466 21



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United States
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Favourite genre of music: Alternative, New Age, foreign...just about anything that isn't rap, country, and most pop
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, Tom Thomason
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Personal Quote: "I'll paint you a picture...and illustrate my soul."
Wow! A thousand hits, really? I wanted to thank everyone for dropping by and checking things out thus far, and I hope that everyone continues to keep coming back. I really need to get started on a thank you picceh...

On that note, I've got two Christmas pictures up, both Death Note. Although it seems that I've started to fall even more back into my Kingdom Hearts phase, so expect to see more of that popping up for a while (especially once I get the English CoM for the PS2.)

In the meantime, I've been working on coloring my Heart of a Shinobi picture as well as working on coloring the next in my princess series, Princess Tayuya, while multitasking a bit on the side with Princess Ino.

...But again, I need to do a thank you picceh, so perhaps...a short break from all that? XD

Anyway, I shall be getting back to work soonish. Once I'm finished playing some Zomg (since WoW won't work until the new hard drive is installed...bah.) ^^; And hey! Looks like I'll have some more free time since the semester recently finished up and everyone's out for break.

Anywho, Peace out! And if there are no other journal posts before Christmas, then an early Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
~Bridget McTavish
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